maandag 1 november 2010

Chatroulette for Adults

Brandon Spike did surely increase the popularity of Chatroulette with his nasty chatroulette video

According to a survey, most people on chatroulette are hanging out in the sex channels, but those channels have a lot of restrictions. Thats why Seekbang came up with a new version for adults: Chat roulette of Sex

There are 0 restriction on this site and you can show whatever you want to show. Seekbang told us they are working on a lot of innovative and exciting features which will be available very soon.

I put it to test and after 5 mins i already got caught in a real cyber orgy. There were 2 girls having sex with each other and they made me watch! I can tell you, there is no punisment in looking at 2 girls having sex in chatroulette!

I also like the interface, its kept simple and stupid, no extra features you don't need and there is only 1 advertising banner which will sign you up directly to their dating site